underworldHello everyone!

I am Elisa, a professional translator and an amateur shutterbug. Born and raised in Italy, I have also lived in Spain and Belgium, and I am currently based in The Netherlands, where I get the chance to speak Italian, English and Spanish on a daily basis. Every day I am inspired by the languages, cultures, places and people I come in contact with.

Welcome to this little blog. Yavivi is a living archive of images documenting my journey through photography.

What I like doing: reading non-fiction, translating into my native Italian, hiking, riding my bike, taking pictures, fantasizing about writing, actually writing

My (minimal) photography gear:

  • Compact cameras:
    • Nikon Coolpix
    • Sony Cyber Shot
  • Reflex cameras:
    • Canon EOS 1200D
  • Lenses:
    • EFS 18-55mm
  • Tripods:
    • Hama Star 700

I hope you enjoy what you see here! Thanks for stopping by, and have a beautiful day! 🙂