The colors of cloudberries in late June: from yellow to green, from red to purple, to black.


A rose is still a rose

It looks like my two compact cameras and I are starting to get along.

Two companions

The fisherman’s bicycle… And its owner.

Leafy hug

“This leaf is mine.”

Snail whirl

After raining all night, the path was full of snails.

Painted flora

Images that are halfway between photographs and paintings.

The early bird catches the worm

I love ants. They’re strong, hard-working, laborious.


A study on light.

Artificial nature

Playing again with macro mode, artificial setups and subjects, and details.

In low light

Butterflies. The moon’s signature. A couple of ducks. Treble clefs.

Playing with low light at night. Watching how it can surprise me.